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i-TES engineering area is growing up!

i-TES engineering area is growing up! Welcome Stefano!

Our start-up improves day by day and we decided to give more…

i-TES @ Rimini Key Energy for the second year in a row!

From 6 to 9 November we were at the Ecomondo2018 fair in Rimini.…
Welcome Francesca Baricco in our team!

i-TES is growing up! Welcome in our team Francesca!

Francesca Baricco is our great chemist who works as PCM Expert…

PCM application at KeyEnergy 2018

i-TES will be present at Key Energy exhibitions in Rimini, with…
Laurea di Daniele Marocco

Daniele graduates and joins the team!

After completing the master's degree in energy and nuclear engineering…

Pitch session-Glasgow

Last 19th september, at meeting of Glasgow Delegation and the…
Laurea Sofia Santin

Sofia graduates and joins the team!

Sofia Santin completed the master's degree in management engineering…

ISO9001 Compliant

Another goal was reached! Thanks to its valuable team, i-Tes…

MCE2018's experience

Positive feedback from the 4 days exhibition in Milan, with a…

Efficiency&Innovation Products - MCE2018

Our thermal storage tank with PCM (prototype) was selected to…

We are present at MCE2018

From March 13th to 16th we present our solutions at MCE2018 exhibition…


Finally we are opening our offer to the whole market after a…


in few words

i-TES is a Start Up Company incubated at 2i3t (incubator of the University of Turin) with its operational center in the laboratories of the Faculty of Chemistry. Established in December 2016 by three members, it is registered in the Italian Start Up Innovative Register since March 2017

i-TES develops and refines innovative thermal accumulation plants using phase-change materials (PCM) and offers advanced energy services and energy efficiency measures also offered with performance-based warranty contracts (eg. Energy Service Contract) in ESCO mode.

We are working to increase our knowledge on PCMs and their use in energy efficiency applications. We have internal skills in the characterization of materials, supported by the laboratories of the University of Turin – Faculty of Chemistry.
The multi-year experience in the field of energy management, aimed at the study and application of innovative technological solutions, is among the first Italian companies that are interested in bringing to the national market PCM-based thermal accumulation applications.


our competence

PCM – Phase

Change Materials



and Solutions


our services

Research & Development solution with PCM

Advanced Consultancy in energy management field

Energy Efficiency Solutions as ESCO provider