Innovation and sustainability

The i-TES team designs and manufactures thermal accumulators that use phase change materials and provide advice and assistance.

Energy consumption is increasingly high and has a strong impact on both climate and human health: reducing waste is a global challenge in which, together with states and their ambitious goals, technological innovation plays a fundamental role.

Starting from this awareness i-TES was founded in Turin in 2016, establishing itself as an innovative startup and focusing its attention on research and development in the field of thermal storage with innovative materials.

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PCM Thermal storage.The battery of the future.

At the end of a complex path of validation and experimentation, i-TES to date, studies, produces and distributes thermal latent heat batteries capable of revolutionizing the way energy efficiency is understood.
A streamlined and versatile solution that reduces energy waste and optimizes the management of sources, especially renewable ones.

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Batteries are used in every sector. i-TES focuses on plant solutions with the aim of decarbonising energy systems.

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