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The thermal battery of the future

The i-TES thermal storage tank

i-TES develops and fine-tunes thermal storage systems using phase change materials. These are innovative batteries made from bio-based materials, which improve energy efficiency by reducing waste in thermal applications. i-TES batteries work well in combination with many different systems, bringing together different forms of heat generation – all features that help to define them as batteries of the future.

A future that is already a reality, thanks to i-TES.


  • District Heating
  • Solar thermal
  • Free cooling
  • Thermal recoveries
  • Cogenerator
  • Heat pump
  • Condensing boiler
  • Biomass boiler
  • Electric boiler


i-TES thermal batteries contain PCM materials with bio-based origin.

Small size

i-TES thermal batteries take up 50% less space than traditional forms of storage.


Thermoregulation and temperature stability are among the main features of i-TES thermal batteries.


thanks to the i-TES thermal batteries, energy uses are made independent from sources.


i-TES thermal batteries can be easily integrated into newly designed systems, but also retrofitted into existing ones.


i-TES thermal batteries are by definition scalable energy efficiency solutions.


i-TES thermal batteries use materials that are safe for health and the environment and have no moving parts.

Ease of maintenance

Thermal batteries from i-TES are static objects with a long life cycle.

i-TES in practice

With the i-TES thermal storage tank you can do the following

Load shifting

Better manage energy flows within your plant.

Energy efficiency

Optimise your system and reduce waste.

Peak shaving

Reduce your inefficiencies due to energy demand peaks.

The role of PCMs

i-TES has chosen to put 100% natural materials at the heart of its technology.

These are PCMs, or phase change materials, which are capable of revolutionising energy efficiency.

The energy transition passes through i-TES

When we talk about energy transition, we imagine a future in which poorly sized and inefficient plants will be definitively outmoded, in favour of solutions that always work at an optimal level.

A future in which energy installations will help reduce CO2 emissions, generating a significant impact on health and economy.
A future in which waste heat from plants is recovered and used rather than wasted.
A future that is already present, thanks to i-TES.

Discover the thermal battery of the future and its case studies.

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