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I-TES mission in 5 point

I-TES mission in 5 point


Our thermal batteries are composed of biobased raw materials, derived from organic waste, in order to guarantee an environmental benefit.

Our technology allows the reduction of storage volume compared to the traditional ones, with consequent reduction of investment costs and of raw material used quantity.

Innovation and future oriented

Our products have achieved a TRL of 7 (Technological Readiness Level).
Today we are introducing them into the market thanks to the presence of early adopter users who are seeing in the PCM thermal battery the opportunity for the transition from the traditional water storage, which could be considered such as “analogical” storage, to a “semi-digital” one (PCM battery), to arrive in the near future at pure “digital” storage with thermochemical materials (TCM).


i-TES, born only 5 years ago, is the first and only manufacturer of PCM thermal battery on the Italian market at the moment, widely recognized by insiders.

Worldwide, we could find few companies with a huge presence on international market.

Energy transition and environmental impact reduction

Using the modularity and flexibility of thermal battery is possible to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact.

Thanks to the integration with renewable sources and thanks to the use of several energy generation machines is possible to maximise the total efficiency of the system.

The heat distributed storage leads to a better consumption control on the user point.

Added value on customer support

In order to optimize the benefits of our thermal battery is necessary rethinking on the classical designing of plants, distinguishing the base load of users from their peaks of consumption.

We participate strongly on the technical and economic feasibility of projects leading interested users in identifying the best purpose in term of benefits and costs.

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