Il laboratorio di i-Tes


The laboratory where i-TES operates is inside the complex of the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Turin in via Quarello, where the NIS advanced research center is located: it is thanks to these laboratories that i-TES can guarantee the best standards required by various processes.

In his laboratory, i-TES carries out the daily activities of material characterization and experimental tests to directly validate applications in development.


The laboratory activity

Laboratory activity is a fundamental phase in the design of thermal storage systems with PCM.

There are multiple phase change materials that have distinct properties. Laboratory pilot plants are used to test these. Their flexibility enables us to test materials and prototypes under any possible conditions, from the user's perspective to the plant's perspective. In this manner, it is possible to create a trustworthy proposal that can guarantee the outcome.

The activity with PCM

The tests are carried out on PCM as such and using pilot plants that allow to evaluate in a preliminary way the behavior of the material both in the charging phase and in the discharge phase. The tests to be carried out are specific to the different temperature ranges and the type of application.

Temperature data are recorded and processed through continuous recording systems, an infrared thermal camera and thermal and electrical energy meters. These measuring kits allow to complete the study of energy balances.

It is also possible to use advanced material analysis instrumentation owned by the University such as DSC, TGA, FTIR and electron microscopes.