Energy advisors

Energy Efficiency and Energy Management System

i-TES offers advanced energy services and energy efficiency interventions also thanks to the support of Alens SBRL, Energy Service Company, a partner of i-TES since 2018.
Thanks to the high experience gained over the years, i-TES is able to support its customers through targeted advice for obtaining and managing white certificates, incentives aimed at implementing innovative interventions (Industry 5.0 transition) for the implementation of an Energy Management System and, consequently, for obtaining the ISO 50001 certification.

<strong>Energy Efficiency</strong> and Energy Management System
Advanced consulting, <strong>certified quality</strong>

Advanced consulting, certified quality

The certification of Expert Energy Management (EGE) and that of Expert in Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP), one of the team members, in addition to decades of experience as a consultant at multiple companies in the industrial and tertiary sectors, allow i-TES to operate as a company capable of providing advanced energy services.

  • Diagnosi energetica
  • Energy management
  • Implementazione ISO 50001
  • Applicazione protocolli IPMVP
  • Analisi della Carbon Footprint di Organizzazione ISO 14064:2019

Carbon Footprint Analysis/Measure your CO2 emissions using the "Carbon Footprint".

The Carbon Footprint (or Carbon Footprint) is a tool to measure, manage and report greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions related to products or services, with the goal of reducing the tons of corporate CO2 emissions. This parameter allows to determine the environmental impacts that activities of anthropic origin have on climate change and, consequently, on global warming.
i-TES assists companies in identifying their carbon footprint through an analysis methodology established by the GHG Protocol (Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard).

<strong>Carbon Footprint Analysis</strong>/Measure your CO2 emissions using the