Civil Sector

Efficiency of thermal uses tertiary sector (energy communities, large buildings, hotels, health facilities) for heating and cooling of environments and improving the comfort of apartment buildings. 

Efficient accumulation of domestic hot water.

Recupero termico per riutilizzo ad alta temperatura

Heat recovery for high temperature reuse

Our battery can be combined with high temperature heat pumps. Our exepertise was requested for the European project

Recupero calore di scarto

Waste heat recovery

This is where our company was founded. Before we generate, we recover and let you discover the energy you weren’t aware of!


Industrial sector

Recovery of heat otherwise dispersed for subsequent enhancement, increased efficiency of existing energy recycling systems and feasibility analysis of systems from scratch. Solution for the decoupling of energy production and use, balancing of energy loads and management of thermal peaks.

Residential sector

Efficiency of thermal uses in the residential sector for the heating and cooling of environments and the improvement of comfort and a more efficient use of renewable sources such as solar panels and photovoltaic decoupling the production of heat (daytime) from use (mainly evening/night). Thanks to our patented products we can also provide internal heating terminals that adopt the most performing PCM of current radiators. As for the civil sector, batteries can always be used for the efficient accumulation of domestic hot water.

Micro cogeneration


Optimize your energy recycling systems by using our batteries to combine cogeneration, photovoltaic, and heat pumps.