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The high technological and innovative content of the i-TES proposal is the result of decades of research and development.

Working alongside prestigious partners and playing leading roles in research projects, i-TES attracts talent and resources and puts them at the service of energy innovation.

PCMs for energy efficiency

i-TES has developed technologies and expertise to exploit a particular property of PCMs, phase change materials, in a brand-new way.

These are high energy density materials that strongly facilitate thermoregulation, a very useful property for thermal storage and for developing energy efficiency solutions.

The research and development of i-TES focuses on this combination: the possibilities that PCMs offer to address the challenges of the energy transition.

i-TES in practice

Research projects

In addition to being involved in in-house research and development activities on a daily basis, the i-TES team participates in various national and international projects and partnerships involving prestigious research institutes and other companies.

i-TES and its team

The future of energy efficiency also lies in technology, in the way it evolves over time, in the combinations it generates with respect to new materials and approaches.

The inventions and patents of i-TES are the result of the work of an outstanding team, led by top professionals with many years of experience in energy efficiency and energy management consultancy and technical plant management.


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