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Corporate Quality

Quality Management System ISO9001:2015 – Certificate No. 50 100 14471

Professional Quality

Energy Management Expert Certification – certificate no. 0002-SI-EGE-2016

Measurement & Verification Protocol Certification – certificate no. 4383

White certificates and EPC contracts

Thanks to the high level experience gained over the years in the field of energy management, i-TES provides its clients with targeted advice on accessing and managing national incentives and the application of energy performance contracts (EPCs).

The latter represent the best tools on the national market to ensure the real effectiveness of energy efficiency investments.

Energy analysis

What is the energy consumption of a building or process?
How to reduce heat loss?
Where to intervene to improve the performance of a system?

By conducting a careful and in-depth energy analysis, i-TES builds the energy consumption profile of buildings and plants, offering suggestions for improvement and suggesting energy efficiency solutions.

PCM thermal storage tank

i-TES designs and develops PCM thermal storage tanks.

These are real thermal batteries of the future, preferably made from bio-based materials and safe from a health and environmental point of view. i-TES thermal batteries are compact and easy to install, durable and safe.

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