The idea to study in deep PCM materials, their behavior and possible applications was born between in 2015 during the evaluation of an action to improve energy efficiency at an industrial company, which have a large dispersion of heat difficult not recoverable with traditional solutions. This research has led the PCM to be known as a means of thermal energy accumulation and from that moment on it began a deeper study of these materials and their possible applications. After a year of work and awareness of the benefits that PCMs can bring to thermal storage, as confirmed by the global trend in this area, i-TES has come to life.


Thanks to the high technological and innovative content of our proposal, since 2017 i-TES was registered in the special section of the business register dedicated to innovative start up company (link) and this mention let us to get all the advantages that Italian law offers (D.Lgs .179/12); the main benefits are: a tailor-made work discipline, equity incentive plans, tax incentives for investors, facilitated access to the Central Guarantee Fund, dedicated support for the internationalization process. For more information refer to the Development Minister material (slide).


The goals we have given are very challenging. The experience gained so far confirms that the road is the right one and for this reason i-TES is moving trying to maintain its own economic and decision autonomy, where the primary goal is to increase its value by demonstrating the validity of the project. The benefits of an innovative Start Up allow i-TES to continue on this road even if the option of identifying investors that will allow us to speed up our road map is always open. Ideally, we would be able to start collaboration with partner well oriented and interested to our technical and technological contents and in the meantime providing an economic advantage for successful business ventures.