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The laboratory in which i-TES operates is within the University of Turin’s Faculty of Chemistry complex in Via Quarello, where the NIS advanced research centre is located: it is thanks to these laboratories that i-TES can guarantee the highest standards required by the various processes.

Within its laboratory, i-TES carries out the daily activities of material characterisation and experimental testing to directly validate applications under development.

Laboratory activity

Laboratory activity is a key step during the design of thermal storage systems with PCM.

There are many different phase change materials and each of them has specific properties; knowledge of these characteristics can only be developed through targeted laboratory analysis in accordance with the customer’s design requirements.

In this way it is possible to formulate a reliable proposal capable of guaranteeing the final result.

Activity with PCMs

The tests are carried out on PCMs as they are and using pilot plants, which allow a preliminary assessment of the material behaviour during both the charging and discharging phases.

The tests to be carried out are specific to the different temperature ranges and the type of application. Temperature data are recorded and processed by means of continuous recording systems, an infrared camera and heat and electricity meters.

These measurement kits allow the study of energy balances to be completed. It is also possible to use the University’s own advanced materials analysis instrumentation such as DSC, TGA, FTIR and electron microscopes.

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