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i-TES technical support

End-to-end service

i-TES has developed and fine-tuned its own thermal storage with the aim of facilitating its installation and maintenance.

In many cases, i-TES customers carry out all the plant integration and management procedures themselves; in other cases, they rely on the support of i-TES, which provides full assistance with specialised staff in English.

Energy analysis

i-TES provides its customers with an energy analysis service, with the aim of correctly framing the situation of the plant and its specific needs and a support service for ISO 50001 – Energy Management System certification.

The i-TES team boasts specialists with decades of experience who provide advanced energy services and energy efficiency measures also offered with contracts based on the guarantee of results (e.g. Energy Service Contracts) as Energy Service Companies or ESCOs, thanks to the support of its partners.

i-TES in practice

Installation support

The i-TES thermal battery is designed to be compatible with every system and to be integrated independently by the customer.

In any case, if necessary, i-TES also provides an installation support service, aimed at facilitating and optimising installation operations. As with any i-TES intervention, installation support is provided in English by specialised and experienced personnel.

Remote checking and monitoring

The i-TES thermal battery natively provides the opportunity for remote performance monitoring.

The data, also available in real time, can be consulted via an interactive online dashboard.

A feature that makes it possible, at any time, to assess the results and check the operation of the battery.

The thermal battery of the future

PCM thermal accumulator

Want to know more about the thermal battery of the future?

Find out how the compact and easy-to-install product i-TES invented to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and factories works.


  • Distric Heating
  • Solar thermal
  • Free cooling
  • Thermal recoveries
  • Cogenerator
  • Heat pump
  • Condensing boiler
  • Biomass boiler
  • Electric boiler

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